Connected TVs come of Age. Now what do we do with them?

The connected TV has kind of sneaked up on us. Whilst consumers have been captivated with HD and then 3D, the industry has been busy connecting TVs and STBs to the internet. Indeed Parks Associates reports that over a quarter of HDTVs are now connected, and that by 2015 that figure will rocket to over 75 per cent.

Whilst Video on Demand is seen as the biggest application, the possibilities are almost limitless. Shopping, gaming, movies, information, even healthcare applications could be delivered to TVs. And with big players like Google and Apple playing the the market, it’s sure to develop beyond the movie.

TV makers interested in learning more about the software technology behind the connected TV are invited to attend one of a series of free seminars, starting in Hong Kong, Feb 23. Or register your interest for a European seminar.

More information on the Parks Associates report.


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